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About ABS Fire




About ABS Fire



ABS Fire provides specialist service for Fire Safety Performance Based Alternative Building Solutions.






Our activities extend throughout Australia and New Zealand.






Our team is a group of highly qualified and skilled engineers in all engineering disciplines to support our innovative solutions.






With our main focus is the Client benefit, we committed to work closely with the project Stake Holders to achieve best solution for each individual project providing cost effective option meeting the Building Code Performance Requirements.






We also committed to engage the relevant Approval Authorities with the details of our building fire strategies at early stage of the project to ensure smooth completion and approval for our Clients proposal.






Our Fire Strategies and Solutions for buildings based on the process and methodologies of the International Fire Engineering Guidelines, utilising all available fire engineering tools such as fire sciences and computer modeling programs.










Our contacts:

Tel: (02) 8819 6374

Mobile: 0404 173 099

E-mail: nabil@absfiresafety.com





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